HIST 1012 Quiz 2 Information

The quiz will be a multiple choice quiz over pages 592-602 and 632-635 in the textbook.  Questions will be based on the
following, though they may be slightly reworded on the quiz.

1. What were the basic economic characteristics of the “Old Regime”?

2.  What four ways did the aristocracy use to protect their social position and privileges?

3. Generally speaking, how did the rights of the lowest classes of agricultural workers differ as one moved from west to
east in Europe?

4. What was the role of the individual in the family economy?

5. What was the primary role of women in the family economy?

6. Why did European peasants tend to resist changes to traditional farming practices?

7. Why did smaller landowners have issues with the enclosure process in Britain in the 1700’s?

8. What were the key factors behind European population growth?

9. Why were Europeans able to come to dominate trade routes in the so-called Southern Seas?

10. What role did Acheh play in the economy of southeastern Asia in the 1500’s and beyond?